Process Improvement

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Process management is undergoing a revolutionary change, reflecting the changes that business itself is scrambling to make. Companies are hungry for an approach to process management in which quantifiable results can be seen in weeks, not months, and where disparate business units, operating across the globe, can be rapidly aligned around a central strategy.  In response, we have developed a next-stage model for process improvement.  Simply put it maps Strategic Process Management (SPM) a process that can rapidly transform business performance using analysis, rigor, and individual empowerment.

Continuous improvement is vital economic times are challenged and when most businesses are scrambling to find new ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency. We help clients step back and take a broader, system-wide look at how value flows through their organization, often revealing areas to improve performance at all levels.
Our SPM offering was developed for client CEOs and other leaders who have been frustrated by the “traditional” consulting model, delivering instead:

  • Quantifiable value in a predictable way
  • Sustainable business improvements that build internal capability and coordination
  • Fast results, typically within 90 days or less, with ROIs of typically 10x of fees


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