Oracle Primavera Technical Consulting

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Oracle Primavera is ever changing and our consultants have performed upgrades and new builds in some of the most challenging environments in the industry.  From single Windows based severs to vast clustered architectures, we are confident that we can install and upgrade Oracle Primavera in any environment.  One of the biggest expenditures in upgrading Oracle Primavera is the functional testing.  Our consultants can plan and develop test plans tailored to your organizations usage of Oracle Primavera.

Performance Reviews

One of the downsides to Oracle Primavera is its performance.  If it is not maintained correctly it can become slow and cumbersome which generates a difficult situation with the users, especially if your organization is having difficulty getting the users to use the tool correctly.  Our consultants have experience in, not only, diagnosing performance problems but also putting performance enhancing solutions in place.

Extended Primavera Functionality

Oracle Primavera contains and manages business critical information that often needs to be used in other systems. Integrations or interfaces to automate the extraction and import of this data dramatically reduces the manual cost and effort as well as the data quality.  Every interface is customized to the clients requirements allowing business rules to be applied to the data before its loaded into the target systems.

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