Automate Business Processes to Save Time and Money

Oracle Primavera allows all of your business processes to be managed as a unified whole, making it easier to optimize and standardize them across your entire organization. You achieve increased business agility, lower your process costs, and generate more innovation, growth and strategic thinking.


Oracle Primavera enables organizations to:

  • Create powerful workflows to automate business processes
  • Leverage open process standards
Oracle Primavera Process Flow
Intuitive graphical workflows facilitate immediate understanding of business process interactions.


Create Powerful Workflows to Automate Business Processes

Improve the quality of your processes, compliance and consistency of work with structured workflows. Easily track the flow of ideas, documents, resources, time sheets, forms and investment proposals. Take immediate action as unexpected problems arise. Automate the selection of appropriate workers to perform specific action items or receive notifications through role-based assignments.


Workflow notifications can include:

  • Events such as approvals and rejections
  • To-dos, such as new assignments and action items
  • Notes to fully detail follow-up actions
  • Time submission and approval

Out-of-the-box processes include:

  • Document approval
  • Time sheet approval
  • Idea approval
  • Six Sigma DMAIC
  • New Product Development

Enable a gate review at the end of each project phase and allow review committees to specify conditions for exiting from the gate. As each gate is passed, the workflow can be configured to automatically copy the next set of tasks, documents, roles, budgets, and forms from the template into the project, creating all information necessary to complete the current phase.


Leverage Open Process Standards

Supports Business Process Management Language, an industry-standard, comprehensive means of specifying the processes of an enterprise. Seamlessly connected with the XOG™ (XML Open Gateway) service to facilitate importing and exporting processes and loading standard or third-party processes.

Core Functionality

Oracle Primavera P6 offers core project and portfolio management functionality, no matter what business you support. This core functionality provides organizations the ability to unify and simplify PPM information and processes into a single system of record.

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