Cost & Time Management

Streamline Your Project Billing, Chargeback, and Financial Reporting Processes

Oracle Primavera brings you a complete solution for managing costs and revenues associated with all of your strategic projects. Not only can you report on both internal and external costs, but you can also increase cash flow and effectively manage your budget through real-time control of billing, invoicing and chargeback allocations. Sophisticated categorization functionality allows you to segregate capitalized expenditures from expenses for appropriate financial reporting and compliance with SOP 98-1. The chargeback functionality allows transactions from internally-funded projects to be mapped to and allocated across business units and departments, providing equitable distribution of project costs.


Oracle Primavera enables organizations to:
  • Chargeback allocations
  • Create and send invoiced for work performed
  • Establish billing & cost rates
  • Generate management and operational reports
Chargeback Allocations

Oracle Primavera supports chargeback allocations as a percentage split at the overall project level or at the individual task level, separating costs incurred by team, including resource salaries.

Oracle Primavera AIA PIP
Allocate costs of internally-funded projects to appropriate business units.


Create and Send Invoices for Work Performed

Bill by fixed price or time-and-materials, as well as issue credit memos and re-bill, all in multiple currencies. Gain transaction-level control documentation required for significant accounts under Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.


Establish Billing & Cost Rates

Maintain multiple rate matrices that establish bill and cost rates for labor, expenses, materials and equipment, align multiple currencies. These costs, along with administrative charges, are then aligned with your budgets and posted. Rate matrices accept forward-moving rate changes without changing historical data, providing you with an accurate accounting of project costs by resource, period, year and organization.


Generate Management and Operational Reports

Accurate financial reporting, includes revenue forecasts, work-in-process analysis and transactional analysis information to quickly identify potential cost overruns and other financial issues. It also gives financial information, cost allocation, time and expense capture and accurate billing, to help streamline financial management processes and improve operations.

Core Functionality

Oracle Primavera P6 offers core project and portfolio management functionality, no matter what business you support. This core functionality provides organizations the ability to unify and simplify PPM information and processes into a single system of record.

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