Energy & Utility

Oracle Primavera Energy and Utility


Balancing your company's capital investments, maintenance operations and resource allocations are all important factors in the success of your business. That's why it's critical to ensure that your maintenance and capital projects are fully aligned with company strategic goals and are delivered on-time and within budget.

Project and Portfolio Management solutions, oil and gas companies are able to meet their CapEx goals, overcome resource shortages and capture best practices, lower OpEx costs, and manage and mitigate project risks while delivering projects with higher ROIs.

Discover how a single management solution can drive various capabilities, including:

  • Absolute alignment between company strategy, execution, and results
  • Managing the program lifecycle from idea to execution
  • Project cost controls and financial management
  • Transparency and visibility into business decisions
  • Internal and external resource management

Our consultants leverages a proven methodology to assist you in anticipating future business needs and requirements. The energy services and utilities industry is complicated with hundreds of laws, regulations, codes, and regulatory agencies that affect the way you do business. 

Our consultants has been working with energy companies for years using their domain knowledge and industry expertise to ensure that we deploy solutions that are compliant with the industry and your corporate strategy. Focusing on quality and ever-changing industry needs, we deliver value that will accelerate your business and exceed expectations..

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